Blockupy: #b2b-Buildup2Blockupy from legal info-points

Join us in a network of static demonstrations making a platform to inform & re/act for your cause and freedom of speech information and gathering.

About: Building bottom up "clean" and" legal" action/info-points (such as daytime this ), which are fold and stored in the night and reopened when available in the day (here are some some starting point). This is for to increase the base of the blockuy's population, by spreading their information while being gathering - different information for/by/of different specific "blockupy" issues - while attracting most of attention in specific action days and building up "new specific movements" evolving even after the events.


Concept: #b2b-Buildup2Blockupy from legal info-points to/from Blockuping
The goal: Expanding the base of blockupy to new groups so that they will continue their work even after the event, or in between many events.
Target groups: Communities (including their students) of the countries suffering the policies made by the central bank.
The means: One or more daytime, legal and clean info-tents, which are folded and locked for the night and which are run by different groups that are/can be related with

  • The idea is that instead of us creating the content and then looking for people to distribute it (which is a top down approach), we will contact with groups having their interest and ask them to bring their content (which we might help in printing and distributing), while their people (with us) are distributing their specific content in the more authentic way.
  • This way, the info tent can also be used for political meet-up and gathering with maybe some assemblies and mailing list, etc.
  • In the beginning, this process will gather different groups in one tent and later split up to some tents, while the groups could be united in common actions like blockupy.

To supply: Plastic boxes chained and locked to be closed at the night and be opened on request and tent, table/s chairs etc and if possible means of heating. Printing and distribution options.
Tactic: The idea is to have in common ONLY the date [31/5+1/6] and the type of action "blockupying" , but to let the issue, the population in concern, and the associted location of the target [such as of blocupying] to start in advance when the action is announced, i.e. already from now.

To add new record for this table:

  • 1. Become wikidot user (its free)
  • 2. Create new page having the data of the record
  • 3. Contact us here with your page name so that we will plug your page in this table.

The table's legend:
Issue: fighting for what , what highlight this "Blockupation": the name , the site , contacts , gathering info. e.g.:

  • e weapon production locations/ location of the owners (also search: occupy peace zone)
  • "haims" (so that refugees would be taking seriously also search: refugees berlin )
  • anti eviction activities 1 + 2 (and more info is required here …)

Who: who are accepted to "blockupy", what highlist that group/s of people
Target: the location to "blockopy"
Date: the date to "blockupy"
Coalition: the other groups to fight with for this issue.

Refugees' speech of the 13/3 tent action berlin Xberg (first draft, please improve)
created: 01 Mar 2013 05:46

The "refugees' problem",which is always a personal one, is resulted by the terrible phenomenon produced at the basis of the Western society, in which Germany is a very key component- the phenomenon of exploitation and usage of resources, including people, in distant lands, by corruption made through "Party Political Foundation" networks, while exporting weapons to (all) rival parties and creating a hierarchy of laws of migration in itself and in europe, of which violations could be resulted in deportation by "Frontex" to war zones made by weapons made in Germany, such weapons for torturing, killing tracking and intimidation (eg Sudan).

Germany is a key player in this phenomenon, because Germany is the third largest exporter of arms and this issue is relevant to the 13/3 the European summit in Brussels which will discuss how to make Europe more federal, an aim which includes punitive forces and military police use of weapons developed and manufactured to punish protectors and immigrants and often on the basis of racist.

Hence the struggle for refugees in Germany - a struggle for those who made to be the most weak in this society - is also for the many other forces recognizing the changes their society must make, for to recover from its illness emerging in attacking its most weak ones, such are the forces fighting against austerity and privatisation, gentrification etc.
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what we now need
created: 25 Feb 2013 16:43

  • to spread it between the "iintentional communities" in berlin.
  • to et people to make some shifts, like 4 hour shift or so using the canalder etc and
  • to make it better.

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Using this community site
created: 12 Jun 2012 17:56
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This is your project blog
created: 12 Jun 2012 17:56
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