17/5/13 10:00 to 22:00 heinrichplatz-kundgebung

This is not an info tent but a demonstration (kundgebung) with a tent practicing the freedom of information gathering and speech, as such it is a registered demo and we will learn by doing it! It is 12 hours long, just for you to find your time to visit us and we are trying doing it everyday. It is part of the buildup action http://buildup.wikidot.com/com of the blockupy platform http://berlin.blockupy-frankfurt.org/ and we look forward to associate many agendas with specific places in a regular manner for implementing the freedom of speech and gathering. some suggestions for such agendas can be found also here http://heinrichplatz-info-tent.wikidot.com/ .

The tent is compacted in to a rain container to be put near some other garbage containers.

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Anonymous 16 May 2013 12:53 on facebook events/470088143061797
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