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Contax: The blockupy will have a tent action for one day in Berlin Xberg, in the 13/3 as part of the global protest against the European summit and there only 3 speeches (each of 10 minutes) would be taken, where the speeches are against privatisation, for refugees and about blockupy. (see in their manifest … "Wir wehren uns auch gegen jedwede reaktionäre oder rassistische Kriseninterpretation – gleich ob von „Unten oder Oben“ – gleich ob in antisemitischer, antimuslimischer oder antiziganistischer Form." )

Sorry , we are now just initiating this platform.
what is your alternative for the "who", "Issue" or Target?
If you like to make a better record you can use the 3 steps described in the bottom of the page.

Re: PROTEST!!!! by buildupbuildup, 07 Feb 2013 04:33

I just read the list and WTF!!! why is there a part saying: Who, sayin who r accepted to blockupy???? if we gonna do that, ur not open anymore, so plz delete that!!!

PROTEST!!!! by Wrenaqua OrthrosianWrenaqua Orthrosian, 07 Feb 2013 02:35
  • weapon production locations/ location of the owners (also search: occupy peace zone)
  • "haims" (so that refugees would be taking seriously also search: refugees berlin )
  • eviction decider centers (more info is required here…)
3 Ideas to add by buildupbuildup, 06 Feb 2013 20:00
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