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A decentralized way to get small communities become one movement (a working example here).

This site is for building up project, event, movement etc. Anyone with an email address can get upto 5 such sites for free, after creating one wikidot account

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Clone this site for having in your site Chat, Contact, Forum, Wiki, Blog, Doc and Events. This is a free tool for members in community working individually, but still having some things in common. They share a flexible menu, of which some items are specific for ech member and other items are common in the community.

Anyone can, without login, load events into this calendar, which is printed on info points maintained by specific communities. Each such community has access to the user able to delete events, but only (otherwise deletion is undone) after specifying (on the :records category) the "who", "when", "what" and "why" had been deleted, hence creating some feedback balance between such communities.

This site is more than a calendar and you can clone it for making it yours. The calender is a tool for individuals creating a bridge (of thier events) between communities and as such it is a part of some bigger mechanism practising the political freedom of all people to make public assembly, such mechanism may also include:

  • a manifest to establish the ground of the movement,
  • goals to become focused upon and
  • a policy to make it happen.
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